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Last Update: 1 February 2021

With the LearnDash Goals add-on your students can establish their own goals around the time they spend studying per week. Students can easily keep track of their goal progress, using the progress bar that can be displayed anywhere on your site. Additionally, students receive an encouragement email when they set their goals and a congratulation email when their goal is achieved.

Features To Motivate Your Students

Set study time

Enable your students to set their own study targets by determining how much time they want to spend studying each week. Every minute spent watching lesson or topic videos is tracked towards the objective. Students can also go back and edit their weekly study goal at any time, meaning their expectations remain flexible and achievable.

Guide students on a path to progress

Student’s efforts, such as time spent working are displayed in a progress circle on the front-end of your site. This goal setting information is set up by shortcode and helps students to visualize and maintain successful studying habits. Additionally, keep your students on track by letting them know how close they are to reaching their goals with progress status messages. The feature encourages students to get started or resume progress, as well as congratulating them upon achievement.

Send email

Send emails encouraging students to work when they set a new goal or to congratulate them once they have successfully completed their study targets.

With the LearnDash Goals Add-on You Can

Increase motivation

Breaking down bigger goals, such as completing a course – into smaller objectives, like weekly study time, makes achievement more attainable for your students.

Promote better time management

When students set their own expectations regarding time dedicated to their coursework each week, they can then manage their capacity and set a realistic study schedule.

Provide a tool to measure progress

Students can clearly track their progress on the course by looking at how many minutes they spend studying each week and how close they are to reaching their weekly study goal.

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