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Version 1.2

Last Update: November 10, 2020

The LearnDash Buddy Up add-on allows students enrolled in a course to create groups and collaborate. Users can send group invitations, so that they can easily “buddy-up” on their own. These groups establish a classroom-like environment, allowing students to socialize and communicate with their peers about their courses.

Features That Boost Student Collaboration

Student-Created Groups

Students can create private groups among their peers by directly inviting any other user enrolled in the course to “buddy-up” with the click of a button. Users have the option to accept or reject invitations and to request to join a pre-existing group from a list displayed on the course page.

Group Chat

After creating a Buddy Up group, a global group chat box is created for the course page for students to talk about the course.

Private Messaging

Students can find other enrollees that are currently online on the Online Users area so that they can interact with each other through private messaging. Students can also find other users using a search box. Private conversation threads can be found listed on the left side of the chat box.

Group Management

You can disallow specific users or user roles from receiving invitations to join groups and determine the maximum numbers of students that can join a single group.

Email Notifications

Send emails to notify students when they have been invited to join a group or when their request to join a group has been accepted or rejected.

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Allow Your Students To Learn In A Social Setting

Enhance the learning experience through student interaction

Allow course students to chat live so that they can discuss, share ideas and answer questions in real time, with the help of their peers, as they complete the course.

Create a sense of community among your students

By forming groups, you will be able to replicate a real-life classroom environment where students can communicate, socialize and collaborate during the course.

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