Convenient and curated course bundles are a great purchase option you can offer using WooCommerce and LearnDash. Bundle deals are extremely attractive to buyers because they allow them to get access to more educational course materials for a discounted price. When carefully grouped, course bundles can be tailored to meet specific learning needs and provide the maximum amount of value to the student. 

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In this post, we’ll be sharing step by step instructions to help you set up bundle products with your LearnDash courses in your WooCommerce store.

Course-Only Bundle Products

While LearnDash alone can be used to create and sell online courses, creating course bundles can be very time consuming without WooCommerce. Though not impossible, setting a bundle product using the LearnDash plugin on its own would require you to create a new course and add all the course content from the different courses you want to bundle into this new product. 

When you are using the WooCommerce LearnDash integration to sell your courses, you can easily set up course bundles. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • From the WordPress dashboard go to Products and select Add New.
  • Give your new WooCommerce product course bundle a title.
  • Fill out the description box with the course bundle description you want to display for this product.

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  • Next, scroll down to the Product Data section.
  • From the drop-down, select the product type as “Course”.

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  • Set the price for the Bundle product. If you are offering a special price for bundle purchases simply set the discounted price as the regular price. You can also set a sale price and schedule sales to run during certain dates.
  • Next to Related Courses, you’ll see a field where you’ll find of all your LearnDash Courses. Here, you can select multiple of your available LearnDash courses. This will instantly link all the selected products to this bundled product.  When creating large bundles with 5 or more associated courses though, enrollment will change and be done in the background. For this process, you will need to set up a cron job using this tutorial.

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Notes To Keep In Mind

When setting up your LearnDash course make sure you have set the course to “Closed” in order to protect your content. When creating landing pages for your new bundle product, it is also important that all “purchase bundle” buttons link back to the WooCommerce Product Page for the new bundle product you have created.

Creating Course And Other Product Bundles With WooCommerce

Some e-learning websites have a more diverse offering and run WooCommerce stores that include LearnDash courses as well as other digital or physical products. In this case, creating bundle deals that combine different kinds of products can be an attractive option for customers. For example, a guitar instructor can offer a special bundle to students that include a beginner’s guitar course and an ebook with beginner-friendly sheet music. Another example would be a yoga teacher selling a bundle deal of a yoga course and yoga mat.

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Setting up diverse product bundles isn’t as straightforward and quick as creating course-only bundles, but it can be done through several methods. Ultimately you should choose the method that makes your courses and products easier to buy for your customers.

Grouping Simple Products

One option is to use the grouping feature to group simple products into a single product. This option is best for those that want to link several products together so that users can easily add them at once to their carts. With a grouped product set, users will also have the option to only purchase one or certain items in the group. Users will also be able to add different quantities of each item to the cart if the option is available.

The main advantage of this type of set up is that you can save your students time by grouping your course with useful additional resources such as workbooks, ebooks, or equipment. This way they can quickly add all learning resources to their cart in one go, without having to browse through store pages. 

You can set up this option by following these steps:

  • As a prerequisite, you will already need to have created WooCommerce products for each of the courses or course only bundles you want to include, as well as for the other digital or physical products you want to include.
  • From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Products and select Add New.

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  • Add a title and description for this new product set.

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  • Scroll down to the Product Data section and select Grouped Product from the drop-down.

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  • Click on the Linked Products tab. Go to the Grouped Products field and select all the products you want to include in this bundle.

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  • Publish your product.

On the front end, your store visitors will see the Product name, image, and the different linked products in the Bundle Product page. From there they can choose which of the group products they want to add to their carts. For LearnDash courses, a checkbox will be used to select the product for purchase. For other products, you will see a blank field where you can set the product quantity you want to purchase.

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Note that the grouped product setting can only be used for simple products. Variable products, such as clothing items in different colors and sizes, can not be grouped through this method.

Course Bundles With The Chained Products WooCommerce Extension

Bundle products are also great tools you can use to incentivize your students for their purchases through savings. You can motivate your students to purchase a certain course or courses by rewarding them with a free additional product with their purchase using the Chained Products extension. With Chained Products, you can add additional products to the main product. This way when the main product is purchased, the user gets access to the chained products for free. For example, you can gift a book or other product to a student when they purchase a certain course.

You can chain products on your e-learning site with WooCommerce by following these instructions:

  • Start by downloading the Chained Products extension.
  • From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins and select Add New.
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button and select the extension file.
  • Click on Install.
  • Once the plugin is installed, activate the plugin.
  • Next, navigate to Products and navigate to the Product Page related to the course you want to use as the main product. It is important that you choose a non-course product here since course products won’t let you access the chained product option. On the other hand, a non-course product when acting as the main product does give you the option to chain a course product to it.
  • In the Product Data section located on the Edit page, go the Linked Products tab.

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  • Here you will find a new section called Chained Products. Here you can select the other products you want to chain to the main product. You should also set a quantity for each of the additional products.

  • In order to keep accurate track of the stock changes for physical chained products, enable the “Manage stock for chained products?” option.
  • Add the shortcode to add display the chained products on the main product description by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Chained Products section. As a result the linked products will be displayed along with an add to cart button in the description section. If not selected, the products will still be chained and get access to all products, but the linked products wont be displayed on the page.

This option can be used to set up bundles rather than gifts by cloning the main product before following the steps above. Then you can set a different price for the course with the additional chained products. 

Unlike Grouped Products, with Chained Products the buyers aren’t able to pick and choose which items to choose. Instead, the bundle is treated as a single product. When the course is added to the cart, the other products will automatically be added too, but the user will only pay the price set for the main product. Another key difference is that with the Chained Products extension you are also able to link variable products to the bundle.


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We hope this blog post provided you with the necessary information to help you set up course bundles for your WooCommerce store. Have you tried any of these course bundling methods? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below! If you have any further questions or doubts about any of the methods to sell your LearnDash courses as bundles mentioned, please let us know.